4 Quick Ways To Eat Healthier

It’s always better to establish healthy eating than going on a diet for a few weeks and then stop it again. Here are 4 quick ways to eat healthier:

Stock up on ingredients for quick, balanced meals
Make sure that you’ve always got your fridge stocked with healthy food. By doing this it will be easier for you to take the healthy option when hunger strikes.

Identify healthy take-out options
Find out what healthy options you can get at take-out restaurants. Choose three solid options in advance and alternate between them.

Adopt a strategy for sweets and booze
You need to figure out a strategy for sweets and booze about when you can have it and how much. If you have a plan it is easier to pass up temptations.

Take five minutes a day to meditate
You might think this is an odd one and does not have anything to do with eating healthier, but meditation is great for eating healthily.
“Spending just five short minutes a day meditating can help you better tune in to your body’s hunger and fullness signals; eat with more awareness, at a slower pace; and lead you to make more thoughtful decisions about food. This change alone has the power to end patterns of under or overeating, and help you naturally eat in a way that optimizes wellness.”

Read more on this topic right here: http://time.com/4643462/healthy-eating-weight-loss/

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