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The Mind Body Clinic

The Mind Body Clinic is located in the middle of the High Street in Tonbridge. Occuping two floors, there are four fully equipped modern treatment rooms a studio and an outdoor decking area.

The Mind Body Clinic is a multidisciplinary clinic offering a range of treatments that will help to resolve physical injuries, mental health challenges and assist with general wellbeing.

It is often the case that a condition will be more effectively treated with more than one therapy. For example a knee condition might require a podiatrist, osteopath and perhaps Pilates. Our clinic is uniquely positioned to offer a range of treatments under one roof, to ensure outcomes are optimised.

All of our practitioners have been carefully hand picked for their expertise. They are all members of recognised professional bodies with the requisite qualifications and professional backgrounds to perform their disciplines to a high standard.

We look forward to welcoming you.

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