Diabetes Reversal Treatment in Tonbridge

Are you an adult who has Type 2 Diabetes?

The Mind Body Clinic is currently running a pilot scheme to reverse Type 2 Diabetes with the help and guidance from the clinicians and therapists from The Mind Body Clinic and a personal trainer from True Fit Training. Being diagnosed with Type Two Diabetes, which is caused by a complex mix of genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors, can be a stressful experience and getting access to the relevant NHS services is often challenging.

As a multi-disciplinary clinic, we have the knowledge, skills and the dedication to work with you to reverse your condition (and symptoms) using a bespoke and holistic approach through diet, exercise and mental wellbeing. Working in close correspondence with your GP or diabetic nurse, we will monitor your HbA1c and blood glucose readings.

Nutritionist: A Nutritional Therapist will give you meal plans, diet and supplement advice to improve blood sugar and Insulin control, to manage weight loss and improve all-round health
Psychotherapist: Emotional wellbeing, stress management, coping mechanisms, goals as tools, motivation
Podiatrist: Neurological and vascular checks, general lower limb and foot health management
Osteopathy: Managing musculoskeletal intrinsic and extrinsic forces to promote health
Masseur: Stimulating lymph system, removal of toxins, improving blood circulation, distressing

Acupuncturist: Managing nerve function, releasing blockages, managing neuropathic pain
Reflexologist: Acupressure points for carbohydrate metabolism and insulin production
Pilates: Posture realignment, core strengthening, breathing techniques
Personal trainer at Anatomy37: Strengthening, stretching, weight management, body confidence

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