Falling Asleep When Stressed

Being stressed can have a serious impact on you sleep. If you are having trouble falling asleep due to stress then you need a new strategy. The trick is to slow down.

Identify your stress trigger and deal with it early in the day
If you can figure out what you are worrying, then it is better to handle it earlier in the day, away from the bedroom.

Pay attention to your bedroom atmosphere
Make sure that the temperature in the bedroom is neither too cold nor too hot. Also, make sure that you have just the right mattress and pillow for you.

Eliminate all sources of caffeine and alcohol
Stop consuming beverages and foods containing caffeine at 2pm. Alkohol in the evening might also be a factor that makes it more difficult for you to get a good nights sleep.

If you wake up in the night, don’t stay in bed too long
Don’t lay in bed for more than 20 minutes, go do something boring such as reading a slow section in the newspaper or ironing clothes. Go to bed when you start to feel sleepy again.

If your insomnia keeps up, see your doc
If you have tried different startegies to get a better nights sleep without luck, go see your GP.


If you want to read more on this go to: http://time.com/4671776/sleep-stress-anxiety/

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