Is Lagom the new way of living?

The Scandinavian way of living could be the answer to all of our problems. To be more exact lagom is a Swedish way of living. The definition of lagom is “Just the right amount”. There is balance and moderation in everything the people in Scandinavia do and this is very important to the Scandi psyche. This has to do with everything from their working hours to how many pieces of cake they eat in one sitting. How they start out their workout regimen to the portion sizes at their dinner.

Do you have problems keeping up with your New Year Resolutions? Then try adopting lagom. Do everything in moderation. Instead of setting a goal to exercise 7 days a week, do it in moderation. If you go from not exercising at all to doing it 7 days a week it can be really difficult to keep up the motivation. Start out slow and then increase the days as you get more comfortable with your new way of living.

If you are intrigued by this way of living then read more about it here. Who knows which changes it could bring to your life?…/goodbye-hygge-hello-lagom-sec…/

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