Neuromuscular Therapy

A cutting edge approach using functional neurology to assess and treat pain and mobility problems.

What is Neuromuscular Therapy?

Neuromuscular therapy offers a cutting edge approach to assessment and treatment for the relief of muscle and joint pain and movement restriction. In essence it uses functional neurology to assess and treat pain and mobility problems using the nervous system and the brain.

Our brain can only act on the information it receives from nerve endings and receptors around the body and it responds to that information by instructing joints, ligaments and muscles what to do. Our millions of receptors will tell our brain when there’s a threat or when we are injured so that the brain can “move us away” from the problem and enable us to compensate for any change. This will often lead to muscles being overactive or underactive or firing in the wrong sequence. In many cases, the reason our body is experiencing pain or problems is because our nervous system is still giving the brain “old” information long after the threat or injury occurred.

Based on a full clinical history and targeted muscle or reflex “testing”, neuromuscular therapy uses methods that can essentially seek out the “corrupted” information leading to pain and “defective” movement patterns and uses techniques to remind the motor control centre of the optimal movement patterns it has available to it, thus restoring more efficient movement and the balanced use of muscles and eliminating or at the very least reducing pain. In neurological terms, the approach uses techniques which seek to desensitise nerve endings which have been over sensitised by past injury or trauma.

Rebecca also often combines neuromuscular therapy with functional movement training to ensure optimal movement patterns are effectively regained.

Initial 2 – 3 hour session £120
Follow-up £80

What can neuromuscular therapy help with?

These are the more common problems neuromuscular therapy can help but if your condition is not listed here the best thing is to contact us to find out whether and how we can help you.

– Back and Neck Pain
– Sciatica
– Shoulder Pain
– Knee Pain
– Elbow and Wrist Pain
– Hip Pain
– Restricted range of movement in joints
– Ankle Sprains
– Nerve Sensations
– Achilles Pain and Plantar Fasciitis
– Headaches
– Jaw Pain and Migraine
– Sports Injuries/Rehab
– Postural Corrections

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