The way we walk (gait) can change over time with injuries, muscle weakness or limited range of joint motion. Once this happens a human body will automatically adopt a compensatory gait, often resulting in further changes in the body, including a more developed calf muscle, a shuffle, big toes that extend too far on heel strike or internal rotation of the knees. If you have plantar fasciitis and have a flexible foot on weight bearing then you would likely benefit from an insole with a supportive arch. If you are suffering with such changes then consider having bespoke orthotics made for you. There are a wide range of over the counter insoles available but what is right for many may not be right for you. A bespoke orthotic could be as simple as a modification to an existing one – for example a metatarsal dome to spread the metatarsals or a heel raise to reduce the pressure on the achilles tendon. Book your New Patient Assessment appointment now which will include a musculoskeletal and gait assessment.

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