The Mind Body Clinic in Tonbridge

So what are you doing to let your body de-stress?

A pilates class will still release those lovely happy hormones but without over taxing those adrenals. Pilates will re-energise your body. You will still feel you have worked your body but in an inside out way.

So, if you want to improve your flexibility, lose those aches and pains, reduce the likelihood of injuries from other fitness activities, feel stronger, leaner, taller and have a greater sense of wellbeing, then our de-stress Pilates classes will help you improve your body as well as your mind. We ensure that from the first session our class will work for you so that you work at the correct level for your ability even in a mixed group.

You can expect to :

  • Improve your posture
  • Learn how to relax through breathing more efficiently
  • Move more freely, letting go of tension and stress
  • Get a great understanding of what Pilates is about and what it can do for you

Pilates is an ongoing education that becomes part of your lifestyle to help you improve and maintain your flexibility as you grow older, looking after your spine and joints and mind.