The benefits of pregnancy yoga

The benefits of pregnancy yoga

Pregnancy yoga, also known as prenatal yoga, is winning new practitioners all over the world. That’s because many of the health perks of yoga are even more advantageous to women who are expecting a baby; after all, there are two of you now!

Here – in the interest of women expecting a child, and their loved ones – we look at some of the most significant benefits of pregnancy yoga:

Improved balance

Balance takes on extra importance during pregnancy, as a mother is physically challenged by the presence of the growing fetus. Yoga is recognised as being able to improve our physical balance thanks to the practice of poses which exercise key muscle groups, as well as help mentally by being able to relax and calm the mind. The outlet of relaxation can be a great solution for women who are struggling with the hormonal changes brought about by pregnancy.

Strengthens and relieves tension in the muscles

Yoga has the ability to strengthen areas of the body which are crucial to carrying the extra weight which pregnancy brings, such as the back, shoulders and hips. Because these muscles key muscle groups are subject to additional pressure, they can also get tighter, and yoga also does a superb job of easing this tension.

Best for breathing

Thanks to the deep breathing exercises which yoga requires, pregnant women can reap a number of rewards. These include the relaxation which deep breathing provides, thanks to the nervous system entering parasympathetic mode, which is conducive to better sleep. And there is also the preparation for labour which yoga provides, with the breathwork involved giving women more practice at breathing deeply for the purpose of relaxing when they are feeling uncomfortable or tense.

A social opportunity

Needless to say, pregnant women who get involved with yoga classes can have plenty of opportunities to meet each other and benefit from the support of a social group.

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Please note that The Mind Body Clinic has produced this article for the purposes of providing information on pregnancy yoga. This article is not intended to offer medical advice. Pregnancy yoga participants must provide their full consent before undertaking a class, confirming that they understand any risks associated with the activity.

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