Sports & Remedial Massage in Tonbridge

Massage, once considered a luxury, is now commonly recognized as an important therapy in improving our health and wellbeing. Massage benefits everyone, from professional athletes to business executives to mums. So no matter who you are or what you do, the right course of massage at our clinic in Tonbridge can help you.

Massage Treatments

Everyone deserves a chance to live a pain-free life and feel the best they can. A massage program, combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise, can significantly enhance the function of both mind and body. Our clinic offers massage in Tonbridge in the very centre of the High Street at affordable prices. Whether you’re looking to de-stress and relax, work through tight or sore muscles, or improve sleep, we can help. Contact us to book.

Back Massage
The back is the core of our body and keeping it healthy and in balance is crucial. If you suffer from any form of stiffness or pain in your neck, shoulder or lower back, or if you are new to massage, this treatment is a good place to start.
£40 for 45 minutes

Back, Chest, Face and Head Massage
Topping up the Back Massage with a relaxing massage of the chest, face and head provides a more complete and balanced experience.
£50 for 60 minutes

Leg Massage
If you are a keen athlete, stand on your feet at work all day or just have tired, heavy legs, this specialised treatment will bring the spring back into your step. (It is always best to combine leg massage with a full body treatment once in a while to ensure your back is not being left out!)
£40 for 45 minutes

Pregnancy Massage
It is vital to maintain the body’s health during this amazing and challenging period. If you are a mum-to-be, the Pregnancy Massage supports you as your baby grows and your body changes, preparing you physically and emotionally for birth and motherhood (advisable from 12 weeks onward). Choose from the shorter treatment for just your Back or extend it to Full Body.
£40 for 45 minutes
£65 for 75 minutes

Full Body Massage
This is the all-rounder! A comprehensive treatment on all areas of the body makes the Full Body Massage a highly effective way to achieve and maintain your complete health and wellbeing.
£80 for 90 minutes


Sports Massage
Sports massage works deeply through soft tissue, improving pain, weakness, and assisting muscle recovery. Our sports therapist will stretch tight muscles, stimulate inactive muscles and improve the soft tissue, which can enhance sports performance and prevent injury for the long term. Sports massage can help everyone from athletes to weekend warriors to move freely and improve posture.
£80 for 90 minutes

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    "Excellent friendly service. The masseuse really went the extra mile and showed me some stretches and exercises to improve my flexibility. I have already recommended the Mind Body Clinic to others."

    Ed M

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