Back ache, back pain and lumbago

What is back ache, back pain and lumbago?

Back ache, back pain and lumbago are all terms which are used to describe pain in the back region. Lumbago refers specifically to pain in the lower back.

The conditions of back ache, back pain and lumbago are typically classed as either acute, when symptoms are felt for a short period time, or chronic, which affects sufferers for an extended period. Back ache, back pain and lumbago are conditions which typically manifest themselves as a dull ache, or a more sudden, sharp pain. Other symptoms can include muscle spasms, soreness, and difficulty walking.


What causes back ache, back pain and lumbago?

Back ache, back pain and lumbago affect a significant share of adults. Possible causes of back pain include: ligament or muscle strain, caused by an injury or repetitive movements; ruptured or bulging disks, which can result in nerves being pressed; arthritis, which can lead to spinal stenosis; osteoporosis, which can involve the vertebrae of the spine developing compression fractures; and skeletal irregularities.

The cause of these conditions can often be related to a job – either an occupation which requires a large amount of heavy lifting and bending, or jobs which are sedentary in nature, such as those based in an office.

Treatment options for back ache, back pain and lumbago


Acupuncture sessions can improve blood circulation in the affected area of the back, and relieve muscle tension. It has also been found that acupuncture can enable the release of natural opioids which contribute to pain reduction and encourage sleep.


Manipulations can ease muscle tension and improve mobility in the joints, leading to a reduction of back pain. Not only can osteopathy help to reduce back pain, but it can also be used as a preventative measure to stop it from returning.


Exercise programmes can include stretching and strengthening routines which ease muscle tension, reduce pain and prevent back pain from returning in the long run.


The strengthening of the core which can be achieved via Pilates sessions can decrease back pain and improve the balance.


Practising yoga can help to combat the fatigue and stress which often accompanies back pain. Yoga is also effective in stretching the back muscles and strengthening the core.