Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a long-term illness which is most commonly characterised by extreme tiredness.

The main symptom of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is persistent physical and mental exhaustion which feels overwhelming and does not go away after sleep or rest.

Some of the common symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome include; sleep problems, headaches, muscle or joint pain, flu-like symptoms and problems thinking, remembering or concentrating.


What causes Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

There are several factors that could enhance your likelihood of developing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:

  • Post Viral fatigue syndrome- recent exposure to viral or bacterial infections such as, pneumonia or glandular fever or other diseases that weaken the immune system.
  • A hormone imbalance can indicate a higher risk of developing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
  • Mental health problems such as stress or an emotional trauma can trigger the development of this illness too.


Treatment options for chronic fatigue syndrome

Nutritional therapy

Nutritional therapy can ensure you have a balanced and nutritional diet which is important for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome sufferers to ensure high energy levels are maintained and the risk of illness is minimised.

Nutritional therapy will provide you with a personalised nutritional programme that will detail diet and lifestyle changes to prevent the feeling of exhaustion.