Digestive Problems


What are digestive problems?

Digestive problems include constipation, diarrhoea, heartburn, reflux and bloating. These are common problems which are usually easily treatable and not indicative of a more serious condition.

Many digestive problems are believed to be related to the foods we eat, as well as stress. Therefore, changes in your lifestyle can often help to prevent many of these problems.


What causes digestive problems?

Digestive problems are often caused by stress as it can target the digestive system and cause problems such as indigestion and heart burn.

Additionally, the most common cause of digestive problems is an unhealthy lifestyle or poor nutrition which can cause food sensitivity or even lead to infections of the digestive system. This can be addressed through nutritional therapy sessions to adjust your lifestyle and eating habits.


Treatment options for digestive problems



Many digestive symptoms can be alleviated with Reflexology as it helps the body heal from the inside out. A network of reflex points on the feet can be linked to the various different areas of the digestive system which can then be manipulated and encourage the body’s self-healing.


Nutritional therapy

Nutritional therapy is an important part of your digestive problem improvement as the nutritionists work alongside you to find the right diet for your personal needs by creating different diet plans that promise relief from gut symptoms. Treatments include- specific supplements for your diet, using probiotics and encouraging the consumption of healing foods.


Sports and remedial massage

Remedial massages ultimately release any stress or tension in the body, which can improve digestive issues by promoting deep relaxation. Massage therapists can also redirect acids and foods towards the stomach to promote the proper breakdown of food.