Pre and post-natal mental health

Psychological support for pregnancy.

At The Mind Body Clinic we have a Clinical Psychologist who specialises in working with women, their partners and family during pregnancy and after their baby is born who are experiencing emotional distress, difficultly adjusting to their new role as a parent or mental health difficulties. Dr Charlotte Cousins has gained experience of working with this client group during her training and subsequent clinical experience within the NHS. Dr Cousins has also undertaken specialist training in clinical psychological practice in the perinatal period. Furthermore, her PhD research looked at the process of forming a relationship between mother and child in interracial families.

Some of the reasons why parents to be, parents and their family may come to see Dr Charlotte Cousins include:

  • Difficulty adjusting to becoming a parent, including during pregnancy
  • Preparation for birth, particularly after a previously traumatic birth
  • Difficulties with family life, including helping children adjusting to the introduction of a new sibling
  • Mental health difficulties during pregnancy and the early years of their child’s life
  • Difficulties in bonding and attachment with their baby

Whilst pregnancy and the process of adjusting to having a baby can be a time of great joy for mothers, partners and their family it can also be a time of real difficulty and challenges.

It is estimated that up to one in five women and one in ten men are affected by mental health problems during pregnancy and the year after the birth of their baby. For some people having a baby can exacerbate existing or previous mental health difficulties, and for others they find themselves experiencing mental health difficulties for the first time in their life. The process of preparing to become a parent can also bring up painful memories and experiences from your own childhood, which can lead to emotional difficulties.

If you think you could benefit from psychological therapy or would like to have an informal discussion about whether psychological therapy with Dr Cousins could be helpful please contact the clinic.