What is Stress?

Stress is the body’s response to pressures from a situation of life event. The factors which contribute to stress may vary in people, this may include various economic and social environments as well as medical history.

Stress is a measure of the degree to which a person can feel out of control or overwhelmed, as a result certain pressures can become uncontrollable.

The main symptom of stress is a persistent state of alertness. Physical changes to the body may include heightened breathing, fast heart rate, tense muscles and excessive sweating.

Some of the common symptoms of stress include; overwhelming feelings, constant worrying, trouble in decision making or concentration, headaches, sleep problems, change in eating habits, muscle pain or tension.

What causes Stress?

There are several factors that could enhance your likelihood of developing Stress:

  • Major life changes/change in habit or routine. These may include happy events as well as distressing ones.
  • Work, family, friends, housing as well as personal issues such as relationships and finance can all contribute to feeling stressed.


Treatment options for stress


Pilates is a type of exercise which contains slow, controlled and flowing movements, bringing together the body and mind. This is important for stress sufferers as it allows the body to relax and release tension and is an opportunity for the mind to focus on the present moment.

Pilates will provide you with a personalised regime that accommodates all abilities. It improves flexibility and strength both physically and mentally.


Yoga is a form of exercise which focuses heavily on flexibility and breathing which improves both physical and mental wellbeing. The breathing creates a natural physiological response which can decrease levels of stress.