Weight loss

Weight loss package

With so many very different diet plans out there how do you know which is the best to meet YOUR needs? There is no single diet for everyone, what works for some will not be suitable for others. Many diet plans aimed at weight loss may work in the short term but few individuals will be able to stick to them long term. This is why our personalised weight loss package is tailor-made to fit YOUR needs and help achieve lifelong changes, therefore, maximising success.

Bespoke weight loss program 5 sessions £200

What’s included:

  • Initial consultation 1 hour
  • Full health and lifestyle assessment using my detailed health questionnaire
  • Weight, body fat, BMI check, waist and hip measurements
  • Food diary analysis
  • Menu plans and recipes
  • Personalised Nutrition plan tailored to your individual needs
  • Recommendations for further tests or supplementation if required
  • One on one support
  • Plus 4 follow up appointments 30-40minutes which include
  • Food diary analysis
  • Weight, body fat, BMI check, waist and hip measurements
  • Menu plans and recipes
  • Any further advise/support relevant

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