Caroline KerslakeSports Massage

    Caroline Kerslake

    Sports Massage

    I began my fitness journey in my early 30’s, beginning by working with a Personal Trainer and experiencing first-hand the benefits of structured exercise. Knowing that diet and exercise work hand in hand, I am passionate about sharing my experiences and helping people achieve their personal goals.

    Through observation and experience I am aware that our lives are stressful, full on and often leave little time to focus on what “I need” as an individual. This led me to study massage and its benefits, from both a personal interest and for the clients I worked with. It complements exercise routines and helps our general wellbeing. Massage helps not only the muscular system but the skeletal, cardiovascular, digestive, lymphatic and nervous systems.

    I strongly believe that exercise and massage work in harmony – the more we get our bodies to move – through exercise or massage, the better we feel, the more we can do now, and will want to do in the future.

    Having worked with many people over the years, I have learnt that we are all very individual, especially as we age and our bodies change. Our needs change as well, and we have to adapt. Each treatment therefore is tailored to specific requirements.

    Level 3 Diploma Sports Massage

    Registered body
    STA (Sports Therapy Association)

    Areas of expertise
    Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage