Kate ElliottMindfulness and Meditation

Kate Elliot

Qualified Mindfulness Teacher & Meditation Classes

Learn how to meditate with Kate Elliot.

Kate Elliot has a background in the corporate world, working in Campaign Marketing and Change and Talent Management. Through Kates experience in the corporate world, and working with a diverse client background, the pressures we face in today’s world inspired Kate to shift career pathways towards mindfulness and wellbeing. This experience led Kate to train to be a Mindfulness Teacher, with MindfulnessUK, and a Yoga Therapist with YogaCampus.

Kate Elliot works with adults and children, teaching 8 week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction courses and also offering corporate workshops and courses.


What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is about paying more attention to the present moment, to your thoughts and feelings, and the world around you. As we start to be more connected with the world around us and how we react to it, we start to feel more in control and have more choice in the decisions we make and how we respond to challenges in life. Mindfulness practice is like training for the mental muscle, and over time, with sustained practice you will start to turn down your stress response and create new pathways in your brain and notice changes in anxiety levels, quality of sleep and relationships with yourself and others.

Juggling life, such as work, family, social media, and change, can be tricky and overwhelming, and not surprisingly increase feelings of stress, anxiety and irritability.

Mindfulness can give you a welcome pause in your day, helping you to manage stress, anxiety and improve your overall wellbeing.

Mindfulness can:

· Help reduce stress and anxiety and give a sense of control

· Develop greater patience

· Be a tool for pain management

· Improve focus and concentration

· Aid better sleep

· Build confidence and self-compassion

· Improve relationships and communication

· Change negative habits

How does it work?

Kate will work with you to identify practices that will meet your objectives and fit within your lifestyle. First treatments last around 75 minutes,  and subsequent sessions will be 60 minutes.

Cost: £50 / hour

Availability: Friday, other days available on request


“I have suffered anxiety attacks over a number of years and have been prescribed medicines by my GP and also attended MIND sessions. However, the anxiety always returned. Following a recommendation, I contacted Kate Elliott and have had 6 weekly one to one appointments for her mindfulness course. I have found the sessions calming and informative and have been gently introduced to different ways of dealing with my anxiety. I have found the process helpful and reassuring and know that Kate is happy to continue her support.”

“Kate took me on a journey of mindfulness to help me and provide me with tools when I was experiencing a period of chronic pain and anxiety. I found her sessions really rewarding and always felt calmer, renewed and more in control once we had finished. Kate has a clear grasp on the theory of mindfulness which she transfers into tools for you to take away and use when you need them. Great for not just getting a “quick fix” but for being able to transfer into everyday life.”

“My daughter has been doing mindfulness with Kate for the last 4 weeks and I cannot believe the change in her in such a short space of time. Her confidence levels have increased so much and the tools and techniques Kate has provided us with are proving to be invaluable. Having done mindfulness myself with her previously, I can thoroughly recommend her courses for both children and adults.”

“Thank you so much for such an inspirational 6 weeks. I have learnt so much, have had some aha moments and some moments when the tears have taken over! Your course has come just at the right time for me and I am looking forward to learning more and making meditation part of my weekly routine.”