Luisa BisterYoga

    I am a passionate yoga and meditation teacher with a unique approach to teaching — one that is inspirational and embodies the physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects of well being.

    I came to yoga when studying and discovered it as a means of relaxing and coping with the stress I had during this time

    When I went travelling in Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia I quickly discovered that I loved to share my experience and knowledge with others, so I decided to take it a step further and complete a Yoga Teacher Training Course (with the Yoga Alliance) in 2016. Since then I have been given classes and workshops in over 3 different countries.

    Right after my Yoga Teacher training I came to England and moved down to Cornwall to start my business “Lavani Yoga” ( and to be close to the ocean as I am a surfer.

    I did not stay there for very long though, as I discovered that I wanted to deepen my studies about the human body with a particular interest in Osteopathy. That is when I moved to Kent to start my integrated Masters in Osteopathy. Although my studies are pretty time consuming I do not want to give up teaching as I am a teacher to the core and it gives me so much energy and joy.

    My classes, suitable for all levels and ages, are led with a strong emphasis on breath and intentional movement. With a warm, grounded and inclusive attitude, I strive to make everyone in the class feel welcome and comfortable, encouraging a non-competitive nature, playfulness and exploration within each movement and breath.

    To immerse into the experience of Yoga I particularly emphasise 3 techniques :

    1. Immersing in the sensation of the body
    2. Following the breath and mind
    3. Observing one´s thoughts

    A combination of exercises, classes and workshops coupled with passion, joy and my extensive knowledge of human physiology, allows me to provide my clients with amazing benefits and to create a space for my students to look deep within, freeing them to heal both emotionally and physically.

    Listen to Luisa talking about how yoga can be used to reduce stress (along with some of our other therapists):

    Yoga Teacher Training Course with the Yoga Alliance in 2016

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