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    I discovered the physical practice of yoga at 16 years old. My meditative practice, however, began in my early teenage years, guided by leading researchers at Kings College in London. I suffered both physically and mentally due to illness in my early teenage years, and my meditative practice provided me with stillness, restoration, and vitality; an all round positive transformation. In the years following this, the tools provided to me from the practice have continuously given me the strength to deal with the stress and anxiety caused by modern life. I have since been on a never-ending search for knowledge and growth, predominantly studying yogic philosophies such as Patanjali’s Sutra’s, and the eight limbs of yoga, whilst also maintaining a rigorous physical and meditative practice.

    My teaching style heavily reflects on my own journey, with each class deeply rooted in Patanjali’s definition of yoga as ‘chitta vritti nirodha’, roughly translated as ‘stilling the waves of the mind’. Every class seeks a balance between the effort of asana and movement, with an awareness of breath, meditation and relaxation. My intention is to create a space that feels safe, nurturing, and that allows clients to leave feeling physically and mentally rejuvenated.

    My flow-based practice aims to unite body and consciousness with rhythmic breath and dynamic movement, building physical strength, and a deep connection between mind, body and soul. I studied my month intensive 200hr teacher training with Green Yoga International, with a focus on Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin styles. My Vinyasa classes, translated as ‘to place in a special way’, are individually tailored to every body, ability, and daily need. I understand that every skeleton is different, and my practice is rooted in the awareness of individual anatomical differences.

    I encourage every client to be curious and to listen intently to their own body, finding what works best. This also channels through the intentions behind my Yin classes. Yin yoga consist of poses being held for much longer periods, often a floor-based practice. It works in to the connective tissues of the body, known as Fascia. Yin helps the body to restore range of motion, revitalises the tissues of the body, as well as taking the mind in to a much deeper meditative state. Every posture becomes finely tuned, and this can then be taken through to a more dynamic practice, forming a good foundation for alignment that suits individuals, and can be taken in to any further practice.

    MA and Green Yoga International teaching certificate

    Areas of expertise
    Vinayasa and Yin Yoga