Rebecca HayesNeuromuscular Therapist

    Rebecca Hayes

    Neuromuscular Therapy in Tonbridge

    Having been a successful commercial barrister for several years Rebecca has undergone a radical career change to become a highly qualified neuromuscular therapist using functional neurology. She brings the same exacting standards of professionalism, intelligence and client care to her practice as she has applied throughout her career at the Bar.

    She has a science-based approach to therapy and is passionate to the point of “geeky” about anatomy, neurology and biomechanics. She is always committed to improving and perfecting her specialism in human movement and gait to be the best therapist she can be. This commitment also extends to teaching neuromuscular therapy (NKT) to physiotherapists, osteopaths and movement specialists in London and around Europe.

    But she is even more passionate about helping her clients to be pain free and to have optimally functioning joints and muscles – such a fundamental aspect of wellbeing – whatever their age and whether or not they are sporty.

    Sport and exercise has however always been an important part of her life and she was a competitive gymnast and ballet dancer from an early age up to attending the London School of Economics to read law. She is also a qualified sports massage therapist, an advanced personal trainer, boxer, skier and has competed in three marathons. Alongside her academic training her sporting background gives her a very practical insight both into the injuries and muscular pain that can occur from intense regular exercise and into the treatment and rehabilitation of injuries.

    NKT Level 3 (Advanced)
    PDTR (Intermediate)
    Anatomy in Motion certified practitioner

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