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    My Pilates Journey began when I was recovering from a very serious Multiple Sclerosis Attack which left me with paralysis on both sides of my body, I had to re-learn all movement and teach my body to be able to walk again. I used Pilates as part of my rehabilitation alongside physiotherapy.

    I was amazed just how much the Pilates was helping my recovery, my muscle control improved, my balance and co-ordination got better. I became stronger and my general wellbeing improved. Pilates helped me so much that I fell in love with this type of movement.

    Before MS I was very keen runner, but unfortunately due to nerve damage I am no longer able to run. This left a huge void in my life. However I have happily filled this void with Pilates.
    Once I became better I decided to retrain, and became a Pilates instructor.

    I gained my qualification with Physicalmind. I have attended and completed courses “Pilates for Multiple sclerosis” as well as “Exercise for Neurological conditions”.
    I am currently studying Anatomy and Physiology .

    I am very passionate about helping others that have had their mobility effected by illness. I understand the frustration, pain, and upset of your body not working as it should but know just how important it is to keep active in these circumstances. I offer one to one sessions for people effected by neurological conditions / mobility issues.

    For Group sessions I like to challenge my clients, pushing the limits and making them see just want our bodies can achieve when you challenge it. Of course I offer modifications when necessary.

    I hope to motivate and inspire.

    Diploma in Pilates Training, Multiple Sclerosis Exercise Certifcate, Certificate in Exercises for Neurological Conditions,

    Registered Body
    PhysicalMind Institute

    Areas of Expertise

    “Great environment and great teacher.” – Estelle Bebb


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