Charlette Pomme


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Level 4 Exercise Referral with Body Control Pilates
Level 4 Understanding Medications with Body Control Pilates
Level 4 Low Back Pain Practitioner with Body Control Pilates
Comprehensive Pilates Studio Teacher with Body Balance
Intermediate Pilates Teacher with Body Control Pilates
Pilates for Children and Adolescence with Body Control Pilates
200 Hour Yoga Teacher
Diploma in Mindfulness

Areas of expertise:

Rehabilitation through Pilates, Back pain, ME/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Stress management

I have a passion for health and wellness, believing that everyone has the capacity to feel happy and move with ease. I use my international based education to bring my clients back to the carefree feeling we all had within our bodies as children.

I have received an education in ballet training which fuelled my desire to teach movement as a career. This fun side of my personality has been combined with a more mature passion for longevity and the belief that we can remain strong, toned, flexible, healthy and feeling wonderfully capable at any age. This has led me to a deeper path of learning about the body in both a preventive and rehabilitative approach.

In 2014 I developed ME/ Chronic Fatigue and an accompanying array of life changing hormonal imbalances and I could barely walk. I worked with holistic health specialists all over the world to understand not just ME and fatigue but the body’s many interconnecting systems and energy systems. I am now back to full health and use the knowledge I gained during my recovery to help people with all levels of fatigue.

Although I work with the body, I do not believe that the body and mind are separate. If done correctly, Pilates can be a very powerful tool to connect mind to body and therefore very healing but for true deeper healing, a deeper connection must be made. This is touched upon in group classes, because my classes are very mindful but specialist workshops and 1:1 sessions are required for rehabilitation.

I believe I can help my clients understand why they feel emotional and physical pain if they chose to follow this path of understanding. I have developed a method to teach people how to move safely and confidently and how to get the most from their lives by using their physical bodies, overcoming dis-ease within the body (including fatigue) and also to connect with their emotional body to lead to a path of reaching personal physical and mental goals.