Christine Blowers


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Accredited Teaching Diploma in Yoga; Yoga for Pregnancy Teaching Module

Registered Body:

British Wheel of Yoga; International Association of Infant Massage

Areas of expertise:

Hatha, Pregnancy Yoga , Mum and Baby Yoga,Yoga for Golfers Infant Massage



Californian by birth, I discovered my love for Yoga over 15 years ago at a fitness studio in my hometown, Sacramento. Studying and graduating with a Master Degree in Business Administration I moved steadily into working through accounting to financial controlling roles in the online marketing industry in Germany and then transferred to United Kingdom, moving to London. Throughout all my time working those long 12 hour days in accounting and finance, Yoga was one of the true steady constants in my life, where there was nothing to do, nowhere to be, just . . . to . . . be. So inspired by this infectious feeling of freedom through my yoga practice, I decided to train as a yoga instructor to deepen my knowledge and experience of this life-changing concept. Under the tutelage of Jeff Phenix and Susannah Hoffman I studied and committed 3 years to qualify as yoga teacher in 2014.

Longing to also understand the complex and mysterious way of the female womb, I also went on to study with Judy Cameron Yoga for Pregnancy and Post Natal Yoga. Learning to traverse the twists and turns of yoga for childbirth was a revelation of softness and strength intertwined with one another. In 2015-2016 my time as a mum-to-be had also finally arrived and having the mental confidence and physical foundation of yoga had set me up for a happy and joyous pregnancy. In addition, Yoga placed me, through practice and bonding with my baby whilst in the womb, to feel strong and unbreakable during my baby’s birth, simultaneously able to let go and release to allow the process to happen. Of course bonding with my daughter not only whist she was in the womb, but then when she graced the world, peaked my interest in mum and baby yoga as well as the true recovery that a post-natal body can go through, depending on birth, and bonding with baby and socialising with other women. In addition, my interest in baby massage also led me to study with Sylvie Hetu to receive International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) accreditation as a Certified Infant Massage Instructor.

Settling in Kent in 2016 I call West Malling my home and share it with my beautiful daughter and handsome husband. If you cannot find me in the market town, I am more than certainly teaching across Mid-West Kent. Welcoming every person is my playful mixture of reflective and light-hearted classes with my warm personality. Focus is creating opportunities for my students to develop their own practice under my guidance, be it during the pregnancy year and beyond in a comfortable and fun setting, to, of course, take off the mat.