Elizabeth Michael

Sports Massage

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Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage

Areas of expertise:

Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage

Whether you’re a keen sportsperson, somebody with a sedentary job or indeed an active role, you might find from time to time you have tight muscles. Perhaps you experience painful shoulders, lower back or hip pain or sore legs? A sports massage or deep tissue massage can help to alleviate symptoms, improving your posture, wellbeing and flexibility.

What to expect at a consultation?

A full postural assessment will be conducted and medical history notes taken to establish the problem and ascertain the right treatment plan for you, both during the treatment itself and afterwards for you to do at home. This could include soft tissue release through varying techniques, including deep tissue work, stretching, manipulation of muscles and tissue surrounding joints, all of which aim to promote suppleness, strength and balance.

I am committed to loosening up tight muscles so my clients can continue their everyday activities pain-free; whether that may be training for a marathon, playing weekend rugby or simply completing day-to-day tasks such as driving and sitting at your desk.

You should leave the treatment room feeling more relaxed physically, perhaps less stressed but certainly happy knowing your muscles are ready to fight another day!

When I’m not seeing clients I can be found ferrying my sons around Kent to their numerous sporting fixtures or lifting weights in the gym. I am a huge advocate of weight-lifting especially for women. I am passionate about living a healthy, balanced life, full of nutritional food that will fuel me and getting plenty of exercise.