Jessica Heath


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BA and VinyasaYoga Foundation teaching certificate

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Jess trained in vinyasa yoga, in the beautiful Rishikesh, India, where she gained a strong foundation in yoga philosophy, meditation and breath work. She has a background in mental health, and sees the practice of yoga as our way to find balance within ourselves, harmonising the mind-body connection, and ensuring we stay grounded, and mentally and emotionally at ease. She is also a ballet dancer, bringing to yoga a strong appreciation of form, precision and grace.

Jess found Ashtanga yoga in her early twenties and enjoyed the deeply physical nature of the practice and the challenges of the deep stretching and binding. Later, she discovered the subtler side of yoga, learning how to slow down, meditate and stay consciously connected to the breath.

This is why she teaches two types of classes, one to energise the masculine yang side of human nature by building strength, focus and concentration, and one to soothe the feminine yin side, by slowing down and encouraging us to connect more deeply with ourselves. She sees both sides as essential to finding health, wholeness and balance in an ever-changing world.