Karima Setohy

Psychotherapy and Counselling

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BA Hons, MA Dramatherapy

Registered Body:

HCPC registered, BADth

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All ages

Karima is a qualified Dramatherapist who offers a safe, creative space for clients to express themselves and move through personal growth and change. She offers group and 1:1 sessions, and works both verbally and non-verbally, meeting the client where they need to be met.

Karima is particularly experienced in working with children who have complex emotional needs; supporting them to build self-esteem, resilience and social skills in school and community settings.

Through a variety of clinical experiences, she works empathetically alongside those with mental health issues, social and communication difficulties and sensory impairment. Karima has experience working with adults with multiple mental health diagnosis’ and those living with dementia in NHS in-patient and community settings. She has also worked with adults with learning disabilities in a community centre, and for various charities.

Karima brings an open and holding energy to the space and supports clients through their individual process with confidentiality and compassion.

Karima is HCPC registered and a full member of BADth.

What to expect

We will meet for an initial assessment which will last 50 minutes. It is a chance for you to visit the clinic, meet me and see how you feel about working together. It is also a chance for me to find out what has brought you to therapy, and which aspects of dramatherapy might help you specifically.
We will discuss how many sessions may be needed and arrange a set weekly appointment time. Each session will be for 50 minutes. During the first dramatherapy session, I will support you to set goals for your therapy process and we will set the foundations for working together.